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This site is dedicated to shining the light on apathy, ignorance, dishonesty, theft, hypocrisy, and dereliction of duty within government.

Future articles include:

Utah DEQ and the lack of penalties for violations
Utah DEQ and the missing concrete batch plant
Utah DEQ and unregulated construction waste companies
Utah DEQ and failure/refusal to enforce clean-air laws
Utah DEQ’s failure in requiring SWPPP plans with submitted fugitive dust plans
Utah DEQ’s failure in stopping wet concrete dumping by two major concrete companies
Utah OSHA failure to enforce silica rules for workers and public at recycling site
Utah Weights and Measures failure to enforce scale requirements for recycling site
Missing Sales Tax revenue for the State of Utah, the counties of Summit/SL County and Salt Lake City
Hideout and Bob Martino’s windfall as developer/mayor
Hideout and the missing geotechnical report for the Rustler 2 subdivision
Provo city failure to require permits for crushing of Provo city excess concrete with no-bid contract
West Jordan City and the missing 15 million dollars – The Public Works building fiasco
Salt Lake City’s water chain of custody and purity problem
SL County failure to enforce statutes for construction waste including bonding requirements
Refusal of Salt Lake County to enforce business license requirements
Refusal of Salt Lake City to collect sales tax on businesses
Refusal of Salt Lake City to enforce business license requirements
Refusal of Salt Lake City to investigate mass water theft by recycling company
UT DEQ, SL County, SLC failure to maintain monitoring of known EPA superfund & major pollution sites
Disposal of dangerous waste within Salt Lake City including wetland areas